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Coverage: 1970 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: provides access to citations on agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library (NAL) and its cooperators. Production of these records in electronic form began in 1970, but the database covers materials in all formats, including printed works from the 15th century. The records describe publications and resources encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, farming and farming systems, agricultural economics, extension and education, food and human nutrition, and earth and environmental sciences.
Coverage: 1991 - Present
    Open Access
Scope: Provides e-prints submitted by registered authors in sub-disciplines within Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics
Climate Data Online
Coverage: 1981 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: Contains the National Climatic Data Center's archive of historical weather and climate data in addition to station history information. These data include quality controlled daily, monthly, seasonal, and yearly measurements of temperature, precipitation, wind, and degree days as well as radar data and 30-year Climate Normals. The NCDC is a part of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Cold Regions Bibliography
Coverage: 1800 - Present
    Open Access
Scope: covers all disciplines related to the region including biological and geological sciences, medical sciences, meteorology, oceanography, atmospheric and terrestrial physics, expeditions, logistics equipment and supplies, and tourism. The Antarctic Bibliography is produced with support from the National Science Foundation with contributions from the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge.
Dryden Flight Research Center: Technical Reports
Coverage: 1947 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: covering reports ranging from validation of advanced aeronautical and control systems concepts and atmospheric flight testing of future space-access technology demonstrators to Earth science experiments.
EDGAR: SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
Coverage: 1994 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: an automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Its primary purpose is to increase the efficiency and fairness of the securities market for the benefit of investors, corporations, and the economy by accelerating the receipt, acceptance, dissemination, and analysis of time-sensitive corporate information filed with the agency.
Coverage: 1966 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: provides free access to more than 1.2 million bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials and, if available, includes links to full text.
Homeland Security Digital Library
Coverage: 2000 - Present
  F M
Scope: provides quick access to important U.S. policy documents, presidential directives, and national strategy documents as well as specialized resources such as theses and reports from various universities, organizations and local and state agencies. The resources are reviewed and selected by a team of homeland security researchers and organized in a unique homeland security taxonomy.
IUPAC-NIST Solubility Database
  F Open Access
Scope mutual solubilities and liquid-liquid equilibria of binary, ternary and quaternary systems are presented. Typical solvents and solutes include water, sea water, heavy water, inorganic compounds, and a variety of organic compounds such as hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids, esters and nitrogen compounds. For many systems, sufficient data were available to allow critical evaluation. Data are expressed as mass and mole fractions as well as the originally reported units.
Market Research Library
    Open Access
Scope: Market Research Library is a product of the U.S. Commercial Service. The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration. U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in more than 75 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales to new global markets.
NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
    Open Access
Scope: to provide students, educators, and the public access to NASA's technical literature. NTRS also collects scientific and technical information from sites external to NASA to broaden the scope of information available to users.
Patents database from US Patent and Trademark Office
Coverage: 1790 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: US patents are primarly covered. Provides both bibliographic and full-text searching.
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  F M
Scope: provides information on the biological activities of small molecules. It is a component of NIH's Molecular Libraries Roadmap Initiative. PubChem includes substance information, compound structures, and BioActivity data in three primary databases, Pcsubstance, Pccompound, and PCBioAssay, respectively.
The Substance/Compound database, where possible, provides links to BioAssay description, literature, references, and assay data points. The BioAssay database also includes links back to the Substance/Compound database. PubChem is integrated with Entrez, NCBI's primary search engine, and also provides compound neighboring, sub/superstructure, similarity structure, BioActivity data, and other searching features.
SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System
Coverage: 1975 - Present
    Open Access
Scope: Searches 3 bibliographic databases: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, and arXive e-prints. Results include bibliographic citations, abstracts and some full-text scans as well as pointers to external resources. Maintained by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) under a NASA grant.
  F Open Access
Scope: contains reliable information resources selected by respective government agencies as their best science information. Two major types of information are included: selected authoritative science Web sites; and databases of technical reports, journal articles, conference proceedings and other published materials.
SciTech Connect
Coverage: 1948 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: U.S. Dept of Energy sponsored technical reports, journal articles, conference papers, books, multimedia and data information covering the science, technology and engineering of energy. Combines the Energy Citations and the Information Bridge databases produced by DOE and its predecessors.
SPRILIB Antarctica
Coverage: 1602 - 2001
    Open Access
Scope: provides comprehensive coverage of works on Antarctica and the southern oceans up to 1962. There is selective coverage after that because it is intended to complement rather than duplicate items included in the Cold Regions Bibliography which is at:
Coverage: 1973 - Present
    Open Access
Scope TOXNET (TOXicology Data NETwork) is a cluster of databases covering toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health and related areas. It includes Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB), Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER), Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System (CCRIS), Genetic Toxicology (Gene-Tox), Tox Town, Household Product Database, Haz-Map, and TOXMAP. In addition it includes TOXLINE, DART/ETIC, Toxics Release Inventory. Finaly, TOXNET also includes ChemIDplus.
TranStats: The Intermodal Transportation Database
Coverage: 1990 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: for transportation researchers and analysts, aimed at providing "one stop shopping" for transportation data.
Coverage: 2004 - Present
  F Open Access
Scope: online system for locating and delivering publications by Research and Development scientists in the USDA Forest Service. Publications in the collection include research monographs published by the agency as well as papers written by our scientists but published by other organizations in their journals, conference proceedings, or books. Research results behind these publications have been peer reviewed to ensure the best quality science.
TRID : the TRIS and ITRD database
Coverage: 1960 - Present
    Open Access
Scope: Covers all modes and disciplines of transportation. Contains bibliographic citations for books, technical reports, conference proceedings and journal articles in the field of transportation research. Coverage is both United States and international. Resources are from the Transportation Research Board (U.S. National Academies) and OECD.
USGS Surface-Water Data for the Nation
    Open Access
Scope: Nationally, USGS surface-water data includes more than 850,000 station years of time-series data that describe stream levels, streamflow (discharge), reservoir and lake levels, surface-water quality, and rainfall. The data are collected by automatic recorders and manual measurements at field installations across the Nation..
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