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Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Society
Coverage: 2010 - 2010
  F M
Scope: provides a guide to understanding the challenges addressed by nanoscience and nanotechnology. Readers will find accessible descriptions of some of the key technical achievements of nanoscience, as well as its history and prospects. Readers will find overviews of the efforts of governments worldwide to fund nanoscience research and tap its potential for economic development, as well as to grapple with the possibility of regulating a new technology for the environmental, occupation, and consumer health and safety that emerge with it. They will find explorations and analyses of the cultural significance of nanoscience and nanotechnologies, as well as descriptions of some of the firms, and their products, that promise to make nanotechnologies an important part of the global economy.
Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Communication
Coverage: 2010 - 2010
  F M
Scope: provides as much information as possible on this entire range of interrelated issues in one place. While much of this information may have been published elsewhere, it is scattered across many different parts of the library, from science, engineering, and medicine to the social and behavior sciences and humanities to the professional fields of journalism and public relations. It is the goal of this encyclopedia to make as much information as possible available in a single source, with clear pointers suggesting where to begin the search for more.
Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
Coverage: 2011 - 2011
  F M
Scope: describes all aspects of the field with perspectives, concepts, and methods from the medical, behavioral, and social sciences and physical education.
Green Energy: An A to Z Guide
Coverage: 2010 - 2010
  F M
Scope: This volume provides an overview of the social and environmental dimensions of our energy system, and the key organizations, policy tools, and technologies that can help shape a green energy economy. Each entry draws on scholarship from across numerous disciplines in the social sciences, natural and physical sciences, and engineering.
SAGE journals
Scope: provides ability to browse or search using Boolean queries for full-text articles in journals published by Sage.

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